AC Scams and How to Avoid Them

AC Scams and How to Avoid Them

Most HVAC companies are made up of honest, good-willed individuals, dedicated to bringing your home comfort. Unfortunately though, there will always be scammers and thieves out there looking to make a quick buck, and giving HVAC companies a bad name in the process. With summer just around the corner, it’s important that homeowners be on the lookout for AC scams and know how to protect themselves against corrupt contractors.

Dishonest Duct Cleaning

It’s not uncommon for companies to promise low prices for duct cleanings, often for under $100. This might seem like an affordable way to get your ducts cleaned, but this is rarely the case. Most of the time they do a very minimal job offering “upgrades” for an additional fee. Even if you choose to pay more for these extra services, they are generally not doing a thorough job at cleaning your ducts.

Even worse, some duct cleaners will try and convince unsuspecting homeowners that they have mold in their ducts. While mold is a very real problem for some homes, these dishonest companies will “find” mold in every home whether or not it’s really there. What was meant to be a simple cleaning is suddenly costing you hundreds more than you expected.

“Cheap” Tune-Up

During the summer months especially, ads start popping up everywhere advertising cheap AC tune-ups. Companies claim they will rejuvenate your entire AC system for as little as $30. However, homeowners need to be wary of these claims. Many of these companies will pull a “bait-and-switch” once they arrive at your home. They will try and tell you there is something wrong with your system, that you need a new part, or that you need a new system all together, even if your AC is fine.

Payment Up Front

You should never pay a contractor everything up front. There are plenty of scammers out there who will take all your money and never show up again. While many HVAC companies will require a deposit, never pay the entire bill before the work has begun.

Call an AC Company You Can Trust

The best way to avoid AC scams is by choosing a professional company you can trust. At Engineered Air, we pride ourselves on being reliable and trustworthy. Our main goal is to help you and your family stay comfortable and save money. Discover how an Engineered Air technician can help you, schedule your appointment online today!