AC Rebates to Replace Old HVAC System For a Great Price

Act Now! Replace That Old AC System For a Great Price

Buying a new air conditioning system is one of the biggest investments you could make for your home. A new energy-efficient air conditioning system will not only help you save significantly on your energy bills, but it will also provide unparalleled comfort for both you and your home. Currently, Florida Power & Light rewards individuals who purchase new, energy-efficient air conditioning systems by providing them with a generous rebate offer. However, these rebates won’t last forever, so learn why you should act now!

Florida Power & Light Rebates

Did you know that Florida Power & Light offers customers rebates of up to $1,930 towards their purchase of a new residential air conditioning system? Florida regulators have approved proposals from Florida Power & Light to reduce and eliminate rebates on air conditioning systems that are more energy efficient—so act now! These deals are available for the time being, but may not be available in 2015. When you purchase a new AC, keep in mind that you must meet certain conditions to qualify for a rebate, including:

  • You must purchase and install a complete high-efficiency air conditioning system, including both indoor and outdoor air conditioning units.
  • Your new air conditioning system must have a minimum Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating or SEER of 14.
  • You must purchase your new air conditioning system through Engineered Air or another participating independent contractor.

If you’re considering purchasing and installing a new air conditioning system, view the chart below! This chart represents the Florida Power & Light rebate that is currently available based on the size and efficiency of the air conditioning system you purchase.


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Purchasing a new residential air conditioning system is a big decision, but a rebate from Florida Power & Light could save you big bucks! Are you still unsure? Schedule a free in-home consultation with Engineered Air today! One of our trained technicians will come to your home and discuss all of your available options and find the best solution for both you and your home. To schedule a completely free in-home consultation, click here, and be sure to visit Engineered Air if you have any questions and for all of your heating and cooling needs!