Why is My AC Leaking?

One of the most common service calls we get at Engineered Air is to repair leaky air conditioners. While these leaks are generally small and easy to fix, left unattended they can damage your home’s wall, floors, or electrical systems and even lead to dangerous mold. These leaks can often be avoided by regular preventative maintenance.

During the dehumidifying process, your air conditioner creates condensation, but under no circumstances should this water be leaking out of your vents. If you see water coming out of your AC unit, call the professionals at Engineered Air immediately. We will quickly resolve any problem and offer services to ensure the issue does not occur again. Here are just a few of the most frequent causes for AC leaks.

1. Blocked Drain

Your unit is equipped with a drain to remove excess water from the overflow pan. Dirt or debris can sometimes block this drain, causing the pan to overflow through your vents. To resolve the issue, an HVAC specialist will clear the blockage and clear out any dirt. This is a relatively simple problem to fix, however it is easier to avoid through regular maintenance.

2. Broken Pump

The condensate pump is used to remove the condensation created by your AC system. If the pump is not working, it could be a problem with either the power to the pump, the motor or the pump itself. Consult an Engineered Air professional to determine the source of your pump’s issues.

3. Leaking Air

It is important that the seals on your air conditioner are tight. If they are not, air may escape and wreak havoc on your unit. Moisture from the warm air condenses when it meets cold air inside your unit. This moisture can start to pool and leak out of your vents. A HVAC specialist will check for any leaks during a regular maintenance check.

While a leaking AC can be easy to fix, it is never normal and might cause serious damage to your house. The best plan of action is preventive action. Regular maintenance prevents many of the issues causing water to leak out of your AC.  Don’t wait until it’s too late, call Engineered Air today and find out how our experienced technicians can help you.