Why is My AC Frozen?

Frozen air conditioners are a common problem that can leave your AC unit in a block of ice and you scratching your head. Although freeze-ups are a common issue amongst air conditioners, it is concerning because it could mean your system is experiencing other issues. Here are some of the potential culprits that may be making your AC freeze and what you should do about it.

Insufficient Air Flow

An air conditioner’s evaporator coil plays a big role in making sure your home is cool and comfortable. However, the temperature of an evaporator coil can dip below freezing if something causes the airflow to be restricted. This coupled with humidity is a recipe for ice build-up and lessened cooling capacity. You can tell if your evaporator coil is frozen if there is any ice build-up, excessive condensation drainage, or foaming. Restricted airflow can be caused by a variety of other issues such as a dirty air filter, a blocked air duct, or a malfunctioning fan.

A Refrigerant Leak

If your AC is frozen, you could possibly have a refrigerant leak or the levels of refrigerant could be low. Refrigerant must be handled by an experienced technician, so if you suspect this is the case, call your local professional technicians from Engineered Air.

Cold Temperatures

Although we don’t typically have to worry about cold temperatures in Florida, sometimes the temperature does dip below freezing. Outdoor AC units don’t function as efficiently when they are exposed to temperatures below 60 degrees which means a cold front could trigger your air conditioner to freeze.

What Should I Do If My AC is Frozen?

If you suspect your air conditioning unit is experiencing a freeze-up, you should take action as soon as possible so other issues don’t arise. The first thing you should do is shut the entire system off and allow it to defrost. If you are comfortable checking your AC system yourself, look for any visible blocks and try changing the air filter.

If these solutions don’t work, call the professionals at Engineered Air for a proper diagnostic test. Air conditioning systems are intricate appliances, so every now and then they will experience issues such as freezing up. If you are dealing with a frozen AC or have any other air conditioning questions, contact Engineered Air today.