Why Florida Summer Causes AC Freeze Ups

Why Florida Summer Causes AC Freeze Ups

An air conditioner freeze up can be a big problem during a summer heat wave here in South Florida. This is the time when your cooling system needs to work at its best, but a frozen evaporator coil can keep it from functioning altogether. The first thing you need to do is turn off your AC and allow time for the ice to melt. If temperatures are severe, make sure that your family is in a cool environment as you wait.

Causes of Frozen AC Coils

There are several issues that can lead to a freeze up in your cooling equipment. Understanding these issues may help you to recognize the potential in the future. The primary causes tend to be restrictions in airflow or problems with the refrigerant. Cycling issues can also contribute to the development of ice and lead to a malfunction in the system.

Restricted Airflow

When the air moving through your evaporator coils is restricted, the temperature of the coils drops. The refrigerant in your system expands in these coils, making them icy cold. This cools the air passing through, leading to delivery of conditioned air throughout the home. If air can’t move through the coils, the heat exchange won’t occur. Meanwhile, moisture condenses from the air in this part of the system. If the temperature of the coils is too low, the condensate freezes before it can drain out of your home. Some common causes of restricted airflow that contribute to frozen coils include:

Dirty filter – a clogged air filter can prevent air from moving through the system; check your filter while your coils defrost, making a replacement if necessary

Dirty coils – dirt that moves through the filter can accumulate on your coils, restricting airflow; a tune-up includes coil cleaning and several other maintenance checks to ensure optimum AC operation

Dirty or broken blower parts – the blower moves the air through your ducts, and anything that keeps the blower from moving air can lead to frozen coils

Obstructions in intake or return ducts – obstructions can also inhibit the movement of air and lead to icy coils that freeze up

Refrigerant Problems

Low refrigerant levels can create conditions that cause your AC to freeze up. It’s important to have your levels checked annually to ensure that you don’t have a leak in your refrigerant lines. A blockage or restriction in these lines can also lead to a frozen evaporator coil.

Cycling Problems

The failure of contractors or electronic components can lead to a continued function of part but not all of the system. If the blower shuts off but the refrigerant continues to move through the coils, there can be freezing of the system.

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