AC Anatomy: Mini Split Systems

AC Anatomy: Mini Split Systems

Do you know what kind of air conditioning system you have in your home? While many single-family homes use central AC, mini split systems are a popular alternative with the potential to be more cost effective and energy efficient!

In this edition of AC Anatomy, we’ll break down each component of the mini split system and explain what makes this device a great heating and cooling option.

What Is a Mini Split System?

Just like central air conditioners, mini split systems have a condenser/compressor unit located outdoors and an air handler located indoors. One of the biggest differences between the two devices is that mini split systems are ductless. This means a mini split is typically best for cooling one room or space, rather than an entire home. However, several indoor air-handling units may be connected to one outdoor unit. The individual indoor units can all be controlled individually, creating the ability to heat or cool only the rooms that need to be. When used appropriately, this feature can be a big money saver!

Central Air Conditioning vs. Mini Split System

As with any type of air conditioning system, mini splits come with pros and cons. Some of their greatest benefits include their ability to cool several rooms individually, their small size, their energy efficiency and how easy they are to install. And because mini split systems are ductless, they are perfect for multi-family buildings, commercial spaces, older homes without existing ductwork and add-ons or room additions that cannot support new ductwork. Mini splits are also very versatile, as indoor units can be suspended from the ceiling, mounted to a wall or can stand alone on the floor.

Although a split system may help you save money on your energy bill, they can be slightly more expensive central AC systems. And unlike window units, mini splits must be professionally installed. Some people are also turned off by the appearance of mini split systems, as they are not as well hidden central air conditioners. A perk, however, is that these devices won’t block your window views like window units do.

Think a Mini Split Is Right for Your Home? Call Engineered Air for a New Install

At Engineered Air, we provide a variety of ductless air conditioning systems, including high quality mini splits that will keep your home comfortable with convenience and efficiency. Whether you’re looking to replace window units with a higher powered AC system or you’re adding on to your home and don’t want to deal with ductwork, we have the solution that is right for you. Give us a call or schedule service online today!