AC Anatomy: Compressor

AC Anatomy: Compressor

Knowing the parts of your air conditioning system is not only fun and informative, but it can also help you learn how to spot potential problems with your AC system. For this week’s AC Anatomy lesson, we’re talking about the heart of the air conditioning system: the compressor.

What is a Compressor?

An air conditioning system’s compressor is essentially the “heart” or pump of the entire system. By working to move refrigerant throughout the system, the compressor plays a vital role in the production of cool air. While compressors are thought to produce cold air, in reality they actually produce heat. By putting the refrigerant under pressure, the refrigerant becomes heated. The refrigerant ultimately leaves the compressor and is cooled later on during the cooling process.

Common AC Compressor Issues

As with all appliances, air conditioners are bound to malfunction every now and then. If your air conditioner isn’t running as efficiently as it should be, it may be an issue with the compressor. Here are some telltale signs that your compressor is out of whack and what you can do to address the problem:

  • Being Noisy: If your air conditioner is making a loud noise, it’s likely an issue with the compressor. In a cooling unit, gas is refrigerated with the help of a motor. When the motor starts lagging, it can begin to make loud noises. If you think the motor could be broken, call the professionals at Engineered Air.
  • Not Cooling Efficiently: If your home isn’t being cooled as efficiently as it could be, the problem could lie within the compressor. To cool a home, an air conditioning system transports refrigerant under extreme pressure into the evaporator coils. If this pressure cannot be pressurized appropriately, the system won’t be able to produce cool air.

How to Troubleshoot Like a Pro

Sometimes compressor issues will need to be repaired by a professional, but some issue can be fixed with a little DIY magic. If you think there could be an issue lurking within your compressor, following these simple troubleshooting steps could help to address the problem. For starters, turn off the power supply to the air conditioning system. Once the power supply has been shut off, check the area around the compressor and make sure there isn’t any debris blocking the unit. Check the fan of the compressor and make sure that none of the fan blades are bent or broken as this can cause the compressor to malfunction. If your compressor seems fine after troubleshooting, but your home is still not cooling efficiently, contact the professionals at Engineered Air.

Whether you know your AC Anatomy or not, your home’s comfort is important! That’s why, at Engineered Air, we are dedicated to providing quick and quality services for all of your heating and cooling needs. To learn more AC Anatomy, click here, and be sure to visit Engineered Air today!