AC Anatomy: Air Filters

AC Anatomy: Air Filters

We’ve already covered a chunk of AC lingo in our AC Anatomy series—from thermostats, evaporator coils, compressors and fan motors. At Engineered Air, we’re on a mission to demystify for your HVAC system, but what about one of the most basic (yet highly important) components? We’re talking about air filters.

The “Lungs” of the HVAC System

Air filters have a very important job. Not only do they help our homes stay comfortable year-round, but they work to remove particles, contaminants, vapors and other germs from the air. The result? Improved indoor air quality. Dirty air filters however can do some serious damage. Not only do they lessen the indoor air quality in your home, but failing to change the filters regularly can cause you or your loved ones to be more prone to illness. Here are some of the other ways dirty air filters can affect you and your home:

  • Poor indoor air quality: A dirty air filter cannot effectively remove particles from the air, including germs, dust, dander and the like. As a result, your home’s indoor air quality will be jeopardized meaning you and your loved ones will be more prone to sickness and allergy attacks.
  • System failure: Did you know that a dirty air filter can actually cause your entire HVAC system to fail? When filters go unchanged, the air handler works extra hard to remove particles and clean the air. Over time, the motor can burn out and cause your system to overheat and fail entirely.
  • Higher bills: We would all prefer to keep our hard-earned money in our pockets, right? If your air filter is dirty, the fan motor must work harder and it consumes more energy as a result.

When Should I Change the Air Filter?

How often you replace your air filters will depend on a few variables. Some filters can last up to 90 days before they need to be replaced, but some will need to be switched out sooner. When determining how often you should change your air filter, consider your home and surroundings. Do you have pets? Do you live in a pollinated location? Does your home seem to have more dust? All of these are great questions to take into consideration. If you’re still unsure when you should change your air filter, contact a professional at Engineered Air today.

At Engineered Air, your home’s comfort is our #1 priority; so don’t risk damaging your system by not changing the air filters regularly! To learn how often you should change your air filters, give us a call today. And be sure to learn more AC Anatomy here.