8 Ways to Stay Cool Without a Pool

Summers in Pompano Beach and South Florida can be brutal, especially without a pool. Keep your air conditioning in tiptop shape and try these eight fun and creative ways to keep cool and beat the heat, whether you have a pool or not!

1. Frozen Summer Fare

8 Ways to Stay Cool Without a Pool

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Nothing beats a hot summer day like a nice cold popsicle. If you want to get creative with your cool-down summer food, try some frozen fruit kebabs. Grapes, raspberries and bananas are great go-top options.

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2. Kiddie Pool or DIY Slip ‘N Slide

8 Ways to Stay Cool Without a Pool

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Head to the store for a Slip ‘n’ Slide or kiddie pool purchase to last you and the kids (and pets!) through the warmest months of the year. For complete instructions on how to build the best DIY summer Slip ‘n’ Slide, click here.

3. Water Balloon Fights

Nothing beats an old-fashioned round of water balloon fights. Bulk up on balloons, add water and arm yourself for an afternoon of fun.

4. Refreshing Cool Mist Umbrella

8 Ways to Stay Cool Without a Pool

Image: Green Head

The traditional patio umbrella, reimagined. When the sweltering summer sun becomes unbearable, head under the nice cooland refreshingshade of the Cool Mist Umbrella. No heat will be too hot to beat.

5. Smart Phone Fan Attachment or Propeller Hat

8 Ways to Stay Cool Without a Pool

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Bring back some retro style fun with a colorful propeller hat. Or, if you’re looking to go modern with your self-fanning, invest in a smartphone USB fan attachment. Stay cool wherever you go.

6. Aloe Vera Ice Cubes

8 Ways to Stay Cool Without a Pool

Image: Barefoot

If you’ve already been struck by the summer sun and are recovering from a resulting sunburn, do yourself a treat and freeze some aloe vera in your ice cube tray. Once frozen, store your homemade sunburn relief cubes in a plastic bag in the freezer and rub on your burn as needed.

7. Mint Tea Body Cooling Spray

Cucumbers are made up of 95 percent water, which makes them a perfect option to stay hydrated on a cool summer day. Combine some peeled cukes with the cooling relief of green tea and you can make your own homemade body cooling spray.

8. Sponge Water Bombs

This is a creative and fun way for kids and adults alike to keep cool in the heat. Cut up some colorful sponges, tie them together with a string in a pom pom-like configuration and get to soaking.

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8 Ways to Stay Cool Without a Pool

If you live in the Pompano Beach or South Florida areas, the best thing you can do to keep cool is to get inside to the nice breeze of your AC. There’s nothing worse than spending an afternoon in the blazing summer sun and coming home to a hot, muggy house. If your air conditioner has stopped working or is blowing warm air, the experts at Engineered Air are here to help. Call us today at (855) 830-2292, or schedule an appointment online and receive 10% OFF your service.