5 Ways to Make Your Houseguests Feel Welcome

5 Ways to Make Your Houseguests Feel Welcome

Having friends or family visit soon? There’s more to hosting guests in your home than giving them a bed to sleep on. Check out this simple guide to making your visitors feel at home, with links from around the web to help you:

1. Clean the House: Instead of doing the usual spot-clean, it’s better to thoroughly tidy up your home. Getting rid of clutter and cleaning all the living spaces will welcome your guests with a fresh, healthy environment to enjoy.

2. Stock the Fridge: Don’t let your guests go hungry! Have fun picking out plenty of beverages and snacks they like. You can even get creative and whip up some quick appetizers or entrees to share.

3. Cozy Up the Bedrooms and Bathrooms: Make sure the rooms they’ll be using each day and night are clean and welcoming by having fresh bed sheets, pillows, extra blankets and towels, and a stack of current magazines for some light reading. Here are some other tips to preparing a guest room and bathroom.

4. Plan Some Festivities: From something simple to an all-day event, having a list of things for your guests to do can truly make them feel special and welcomed in your home, especially if they’re from out of town. Need some ideas? Read this list of 50 activities, with inspiration for every season.

5. Create a Comfortable Climate: Want to ensure a restful night’s sleep or a lazy day spent inside for your guests? One of the easiest, but most important, ways to keep your friends and family happy during their visit is an efficient HVAC system. Be sure to schedule a routine maintenance appointment with your technician.

To welcome your guests with the perfect level of warmth this holiday season, contact Engineered Air. Our professional technicians can ensure your HVAC system is working as efficiently as possible, keeping you and your family happy. Call us today at (855) 830-2292 or schedule your appointment online.