5 Ways to Keep Your Energy Bill Low This Summer

5 Ways to Keep Your Energy Bill Low This Summer - Engineered Air

Summer is cranking now — but that doesn’t mean your energy bill should too! Follow these five easy ways to keep your energy bill low this summer and beyond.

Use Curtains, Blinds or Other Window Coverings

One easy way to keep your energy bill a little bit lower during the hot summer months in Florida is to purchase and install some type of window coverings over windows that receive the greatest amounts of sunlight during the day. Remember that the sun is hottest between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. so be sure to keep the blinds and/or curtains closed especially during those hours to keep that electric bill down.

Utilize Ceiling Fans and Portable Fans

While ceiling and portable fans aren’t strong enough on their own to cool your home, they are a great complement to your AC. Ceiling fans, in particular, drastically increase the circulation of air, which will make your home feel more comfortable. Just make sure you turn off any fans while you’re not in the room and be sure to turn the blades counter-clockwise during the summer months for optimal circulation.

Change Your Air Filters

The air filter is one of the most important components of your AC, yet it is often overlooked. The air filter is responsible for filtering out all of the nasty particles found in the air before they make their way into your home. But besides improving the quality of your indoor air, the air filters can make your AC more efficient—and as you know, when your AC is more efficient, your energy bills will be lower. With the summer approaching, your AC will likely be getting used much more, so now is a great time to change or clean your air filter.

Get an AC Maintenance Checkup

Your air conditioner can’t function its best without routine maintenance every now and then. When you schedule a routine maintenance checkup for your AC, a qualified professional will thoroughly inspect and clean your air conditioner to ensure everything is functioning as it should. An inspection will determine if there are any underlying issues with your AC and fix them before they turn into a bigger problem. An inspection coupled with a routine cleaning will make sure your AC is functioning efficiently and will save you money on your energy bills this summer.

Invest in Shady Landscaping to Keep Energy Bills Low

Invest in the right kinds of plants, shrubs, vines, trees and other shady landscaping. Did you know? Choosing the right landscaping materials for your home can lower temperature within by as much as 9 degrees! This can mean keeping your energy bill low without doing anything after the initial planting.

Keep Your Energy Bill Low with Engineered Air Today!

At Engineered Air, we want to keep you home comfortable year round, without excessive energy bills. When you choose us to perform a maintenance checkup on your AC, your air conditioner will be in the best shape possible come summer. Give us a call today to speak with one of our friendly team members, or schedule your maintenance checkup online. We can’t wait to hear from you!