5 Signs You Need an AC Repair in South Florida

5 Signs You Need AC Repair in South Florida

South Florida is known for white sand beaches, an active arts and culture scene and — AC repairs? Sad, but true, as the need for air conditioning nearly year-round sends residential and commercial AC systems into a tailspin. But when is your AC keeping things chill, cool and collected — and when is it time to call an AC repair expert like those at Engineered Air? Keep reading to find out.

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  1. Your AC is making a weird noise

    Never ignore a strange sound from your AC system, as it usually signals a problem with your unit. These issues may be minimal and can be fixed quickly… that is, if you call in a technician like the HVAC professionals at Engineered Air in Pompano Beach, right away. Read some of the most common issues that could be making noises in your AC in this blog.

  2. Your air conditioning drain line is clogged

    Condensation and water vapor is created and directed outside your home by a drain line attached to the AC. In order for the system to work properly, the drain line needs to be free of obstructions. The drain can become clogged from a buildup of algae, improperly placed piping or an insect building a nest inside. If the drain line is clogged, the condensation may leak and cause water damage or accumulate inside the drip pan. Preventive maintenance can ensure that your pipe doesn’t overflow and ruin your home. Use this blog to learn how to unclog the drain line yourself, and get your system up and running for the time being before our technicians can get there.

  3. There are animals or other critters in your air ducts or AC unit

    Animals and other critters can truly wreak havoc on your AC system if they are not properly taken care of by professionals. From air duct disasters to smelly signs coming from your AC, be sure to call Engineered Air immediately to have us take a look.

  4. Your air handler is frozen

    A frozen AC is a common sight to our HVAC experts during South Florida summers. However, it may not be fully apparent when a unit is frozen. Some of the common symptoms of a frozen air handler include:
    AC suddenly stops working, or is working poorly
    – Lack of airflow from vents
    – Wet air filter
    – System will not switch off on its own
    – Warmer indoor temperature

  5. Your air smells like it’s burning

    Whether you are running your air conditioning in the summer or your heater in the winter, excessive burning smell is usually a sign that your system needs to be inspected by an HVAC technician. While some smells can indicate dust or other dirt quickly burning off the coils, prolonged burning smells can mean that your system is damaged in some way.

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