5 Secrets to Hosting a Great Holiday Party

5 Secrets to Hosting a Great Holiday Party

Hosting a beautiful, fun gathering during the holidays doesn’t have to take a ton of time or money. Here are some secrets to hosting a stress-free, memorable holiday party.

Holiday Party

Get Your Shopping Done Early

Waiting to do decor or grocery shopping until a few days before your gathering — or worse, the day before the party — is a recipe for stress. Buying your ingredients and decorations early can help you save money and time.

5 Secrets to Hosting a Great Holiday Party

Prepare Food in Advance

Do as much baking and cooking before your party as possible so you’ll have more energy and time for your guests. Refrigerate chopped vegetables, freeze your pie crusts, assemble appetizers, and mix casseroles well before your guests arrive instead of doing everything at the last minute.

5 Secrets to Hosting a Great Holiday Party

Go With a Buffet

Serving a buffet-style meal will allow your guests to mix and mingle the entire party, enjoy the food at their own pace, and will take stress off of you and them. Buffet dinners also create a more casual, friendly atmosphere.

5 Secrets to Hosting a Great Holiday Party

Have a Drink Table

Instead of attempting to personally serve drinks to all of your guests, let them help themselves by setting up a table complete with bottles of liquor, chilled wine, and drink recipe cards. Don’t forget to include napkins, soft drinks, mixers, water, and a healthy non-alcoholic option such as lemonade, fruit water, or fruit juice.

5 Secrets to Hosting a Great Holiday Party

Go Easy on the Decorations

Decorations such as small vases of flowers, pretty candles, and ornaments placed in bowls are inexpensive, welcoming, and stylish. You’ll save time and have less on your to-do list if you keep your party decor simple instead of aiming for extravagance.

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