5 Money Saving Air Conditioning Tips For Florida

Living in Florida, air conditioning is a necessity. Unfortunately, this comes with high energy bill costs. If you’re sick of dealing with the high cost of staying cool in Florida, follow these energy saving tips to cut down on your next bill.

Use Your Green Thumb

The landscape around your home can actually help keep the inside of your house cool. By adding large, shade bearing plants along the west side of your house, you will block out excess light which is heating up your home.

Native Florida plants are a great way to provide shade while giving your home a natural look. Try large palm or palm like plants to keep up with the Florida feel and cool your house. Needle palms, dioons, and scrub palmettos are just a few great palm plants to try. They all thrive in sunny areas, making them perfect to block out the oppressive sun.

Humidity Kills

As any true Floridian knows, it’s not the heat that’s unbearable, but the humidity. Humid air will make your home feel warmer, causing you to waste money on more AC. Even worse, humidity can cause dangerous mold to form in your house. Install an air conditioning unit with built in humidity control to keep your home comfortable and safe all year round.


There is nothing better than having a good excuse to redecorate your home. Adding blinds or curtains to your home will block out the excess sun while giving you a reason to redesign your room. Pick out some natural looking linen curtains as a way of giving your home a beachy vibe.

Invest in Mesh

There are tons of great things about living in Florida, however bugs are not one of them. The lovebugs, mosquitoes and cockroaches make opening windows in your home a hazard. Try installing mesh solar screens so you can open up your windows and enjoy the breeze without worrying about outdoor pests. A nice cross breeze will keep you cool so you can give your AC a rest.

Don’t Skip Maintenance

If, like many Floridians, you migrate back north for the summer, don’t forget to have your AC unit serviced before you leave. Regular maintenance will catch any problems that might be wasting energy or cause future expensive issues with your unit. It will also ensure that your AC is running at peak performance so no energy is being wasted. It is recommended that you have your AC serviced professionally twice a year. For Snowbirds, this should be once before you leave Florida, and once when you return to paradise.

For all your air conditioning needs in South Florida, call the trusted experts at Engineered Air. We have the experience and resources needed to keep your AC running its best, all year round. Call today and find out how one of our skilled technicians can keep your home comfortable.