4 Sounds Your Air Conditioner Should Never Make

4 Sounds Your Air Conditioner Should Never Make

When working efficiently, your air conditioning system should make minimal noise. If your air conditioning system is making an unusual sound, it may be time to call your local HVAC professional to assess the issue and provide necessary repairs. While some light noise or humming is normal, below are four noises your air conditioner should never make.

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AC Making Rattling or Banging Noises

If a rattling or banging noise starts coming from your HVAC system, chances are something is loose or has broken and is now being blown about the condenser unit. It may be something as small as a nut or bolt, but in some cases, it could be a fan blade. In any case, turn off your HVAC system and call a professional technician to take a look.

Air Conditioner Making Squealing Noise?

If your air conditioning system has started to squeal, you may need to replace the belt. Replacing the belt on the blower is an easy repair that should be replaced quickly before the belt breaks and your HVAC system stops operating. Your local HVAC professional will be able to fix a faulty belt in no time.

Clicking Sounds from Air Conditioner

When your HVAC system turns on or off, light clicking sounds are completely normal. However, if you hear a loud clicking noise while your HVAC system is operating, something could be wrong with the relay or an electrical control. In this case, it’s best to schedule an inspection with an HVAC professional to prevent further damage to your air conditioning and heating system.

Thwapping Sound from AC

This sound is similar to what playing cards make when slapped against the spoke of a bicycle. It is most likely an indication that something is stuck in the blades of the blower. This is not a huge problem, but if the blades are not cleared, the motor will be subjected to unnecessary wear and tear and will have to be replaced sooner.

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