3 Steps to Clean Water Leaks If You Have Carpet

3 Steps to Clean Water Leaks If You Have Carpet

A broken or clogged condensate drain line causes your air conditioning system to overflow possibly causing damage to your carpet. Do you know how to clean the water leaks if you have rugs or carpeting? Just follow these steps from your friends at Engineered Air in South Florida to find out how.

Step #1: Assess the Damage and Determine Source

Determine if your carpet is salvageable. If the water leak was due to an overflowed air conditioning condensate drain pipe then the water is clean and your carpet is more likely to be salvaged than if it was flooding due to rainwater.

If the water leak is from your air conditioner, be sure to call the HVAC experts at Engineered Air in Pompano Beach, Florida at once.

Step #2: Dry Water Quickly

The quicker that the offending water is cleaned from your floors and carpeting, the better. Mold growth occurs unless all moisture is quickly and completely dried. Use towels, fans, and a wet/dry vacuum (if needed) to ensure that your floor and carpet is dry, or as dry as possible.
If possible, pull back the carpet and use a fan to dry underneath it immediately. Move the furniture, start at the corner, use pliers and wear work gloves. Do not cut your carpet, as it can not be put seamlessly back together! The carpet pad may need to be replaced, but the carpet will be saved.

If the flood was particularly bad then you may need to soak up any lasting moisture by placing a dehumidifier in the room.

Step #3: Use a Cleaner


Once the water puddle is as dry as possible, use bleach or another household cleaner to scrub the carpet where the water accumulated. Put some elbow grease into cleaning the area thoroughly to ensure that no mold or other growth will grow in the area. Be sure to sanitize any area touched by the flooded water including baseboards and walls.

Contact Engineered Air for Drain Line Water Leaks

Our team of trained technicians, located throughout South Florida, are more than equipped to handle water leaks due to a clogged condensate drain line, and we are more than happy to provide assistance with how to clean your carpet too! Contact us anytime to schedule an appointment with your friends at Engineered Air.