3 Quick Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

3 Quick Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Indoor pollutants and allergens can pose a serious threat to you and your loved ones. When the air is moist and full of pollutants and allergens, it’s not only difficult to get comfortable, but staying healthy can become a challenge, too.

Temperature control aside, air quality regulation is perhaps the most important role your home’s HVAC system performs. Well-maintained systems and a few good habits from homeowners can keep indoor air clean and pleasant all year round. Here are three quick ways you can start improving your home’s indoor air quality right now.

Humidity Control

Moisture in the air contributes significantly to the growth and spread of mold spores, which thrive in cool, damp conditions. Your home’s number one defense against indoor humidity is its HVAC system. When performing optimally, your home’s HVAC system consistently produces clean, dry air and keeps the moisture out. It is easy to tell when dehumidifiers need to be checked, as indoor conditions become increasingly less comfortable.

Clean Homes are Healthy Homes

Dust mites, pollen and other common pollutants are often more prevalent inside than out. It’s easy for these pollutants to be tracked indoors, hindering indoor air quality as result. Taking the time to keep your home clean is an easy way to keep the quality of the air indoors high. Regularly vacuuming carpets, mopping floors and keeping dust levels at a minimum is a great place to start—don’t forget to change the air filter in your HVAC system regularly, too!

Natural Solutions

Did you know that certain houseplants can produce clean air on their own? Ferns, spider plants and the like add beauty to your home while removing various toxins from the air indoors. Even better, many options are drought-resistant and don’t require a green thumb to thrive.

Learn More Ways to Boost Indoor Air Quality from Engineered Air

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