3 Home Improvements that Can Save You Money

If your home seems like a money pit where energy bills are concerned, you may want to consider some home improvements and renovations that will allow you to gain control of the costs. The home comfort system in a structure typically represents half of annual energy usage, and numerous structural factors can contribute to increasing or decreasing your energy costs. The following three improvements provide options in various price ranges and with varying levels of savings potential.

1. Supplemental Insulation

Your home’s insulation creates a barrier that can limit energy transfer in your home. Attic material is not very expensive, and in many cases, a homeowner can install more without the need for professional assistance. To determine whether you should add insulating material to your attic, look to see if the floor joists in the area are visible. If so, add just enough insulation to cover the joists. Too much material can be just as much of a problem as too little. Together with air sealing of your windows and doors, this insulating work can trim up to 10 percent from the energy usage in your residence.

2. Window Efficiency

Windows that are clear and unglazed allow more energy to move into and out of your home. During the summer months, this can account for about 40 percent of the heat gained by your structure, affecting your cooling load and air conditioning needs. High-efficiency windows can reduce this to 25 percent of the home’s heat gain. Replacing your old windows with new Low-E windows may provide even greater reduction of indoor heat gain issues. According to ENERGY STAR, qualified new Low-E windows can block as much as 70 percent more solar energy during the summer months. They also reduce heat loss during the winter by reflecting radiant heat back into the structure. Low-E coatings also protect your interior decor, reducing fading of window treatments, furniture and other features by up to 75 percent.

3. Air Conditioning Replacement

If your air conditioner is at least 10 years old, a new system will offer significantly greater energy efficiency. Standards have changed greatly, and industry advances have resulted in equipment with seasonal energy efficiency ratings in excess of 20. Additional advances in system controls make it possible to manage a new air conditioner with outstanding precision. In many cases, a new air conditioner can pay for itself in energy savings over just a few years of operating time.

Expert Guidance and Solutions

If you aren’t sure where you want to begin in updating your home for better energy performance, you may want to invest in an energy audit with Engineered Air. Our Comfort Specialists will take precise measurements of airflow and evaluate other factors in your home to pinpoint sources of energy loss. This will allow you to make decisions about how to best improve your home for better efficiency. Just call our office for helping in making your Boca Raton, FL, home more energy efficient.