3 DIY Ways to Make Your AC Aesthetically Pleasing

3 DIY Ways to Make Your AC Aesthetically Pleasing

We love everything that our air conditioners do for our homes, but that doesn’t mean we want to look at the units all the time! If an unsightly air conditioner is causing an eyesore in your backyard, it’s time to do something about it! The HVAC experts at Engineered Air in Pompano Beach have seen it all when it comes to heating and cooling. That’s why we want to show you these three ways homeowners can make an air conditioning unit more aesthetically pleasing.

How to Fence In Your Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner Fence

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Putting up a fence, structure or wall is one of the best ways to hide the outdoor components of your air conditioner. However, be careful when fencing in your AC, as you want to build a structure that allows for lots of airflow.

Lattice panels are a great and attractive way to hide your AC. They come in a variety of styles and colors to match any home’s design, and are relatively inexpensive. However, this is merely one example! You can use any building material as long as it allows for plenty of airflow. Just use your imagination!

The only thing you will need to keep in mind is spacing. You want to leave at least three feet of space around your unit to maximize airflow and allow a technician to work on it when necessary. Also, it is not advised you enclose your AC completely. It needs at least five to six feet of space above it to operate, and enclosing it will greatly decrease its efficiency.

How to Add Landscaping Around AC Unit

Adding some beautiful landscaping around your air conditioner is a great, natural way to hide your AC and add value to your home.

Large shrubs and hedges work best when trying to hide your air conditioner, however, flowers may also work if you want some extra color in your backyard. Again, no matter what you choose, remember to leave plenty of space around your air conditioner. Leaves and twigs can get lodged in the unit and damage your system.

How to Stop Air Conditioner Corrosion

There is nothing more unsightly in your backyard than a rusted out air conditioner. Not only is it an eyesore, but it usually means your AC is not functioning properly.

The best way to stop your air conditioner from rusting is by investing in the right unit for your home. If you live near the beach then it is much more likely that your air conditioner will experience corrosion. It is vital that you invest in an air conditioner that is made for the salty air. Read more in our blogs Can Salt Water Damage My Air Conditioner? and Coastal Concerns: Your Air Conditioner and the Beach.

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Pompano Beach

No matter how you decide to keep your air conditioner looking great, make sure it receives regular maintenance. Air conditioning maintenance is the best way to keep your AC working and your family comfortable all year long. Call Engineered Air today to schedule a maintenance visit, or request an appointment online!