3 Big Benefits of Upgrading to Central Air Conditioning

3 Big Benefits of Upgrading to Central Air Conditioning

Weighing the benefits of upgrading to central air conditioning in your home or business? Central AC is without a doubt one of the easiest (if not the easiest) and most efficient way to beat the heat in South Florida’s hot and humid climate. While other types of air conditioning systems can provide relief from the heat, your home may greatly benefit by installing a central AC system. Keep reading to learn from the HVAC expert technicians at Engineered Air why you should consider upgrading your HVAC system.

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How Does Central AC Work?

Central air conditioners differ from ductless systems and window units. These HVAC systems are more intricate, but can also garner more effective results. Central air conditioners are typically split systems with components both inside and outside of the home. The systems work by transferring heat energy to the refrigerant inside the evaporator coil. During this process, the refrigerant is pumped back towards the compressor and the cycle begins again. The refrigerant works to absorb any heat and moves it outside while cool air is circulated inside. The result? A cool and comfortable home.

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What are the Benefits of Central Air Conditioning?

Installing a central air conditioning system offers a myriad of benefits for your home, but here are some of the best perks:

  • Increased Comfort. This is one of the biggest benefits of central air conditioning. Window units usually have limited cooling capabilities and can only cool the immediate area where they are located—meaning you may need to purchase multiple window units (and spend more money). While window units only cool one area of the home, central air conditioning systems simultaneously cool the entire house.
  • Better Air Quality. Ahh… breathe deeply! Central air conditioning systems use filters which work to take pollutants, allergens, and the like out of the air, meaning fresher, cleaner air for you and your loved ones.
  • Low noise levels. One of the biggest pitfalls of traditional air conditioning systems is the noise level. Window units are located inside the house so they’re going to make noise—and depending on the system, this noise can be loud and potentially become a big annoyance. Central air conditioning systems, however, keep the condenser (and the noise!) outside of the house.

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The Central AC Installation Process

The process of installing central air conditioning into your home may seem daunting, but don’t fear when you call Engineered Air. Our AC installation technicians know the ins and outs of any home ductwork system, or lack thereof, that they may encounter. First, our team will schedule a time to come out to give an estimation of the installation needed. Next, our honest and dedicated HVAC technician will help you pick the perfect heating and cooling system for your home. Then, the technician will determine the best placement of your unit or units and if your ductwork needs attention. Don’t worry if your older home is without air ducts, as our technicians will be able to install or give other options such as a split AC system.

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Central Air Conditioning Installation in South Florida

Upgrading to a central air conditioning system can ultimately provide your home, you, and your loved ones with a more comfortable atmosphere. While central AC systems may seem costly, they are a great investment in the long run and can add to your home’s overall value. If you think your home can benefit from upgrading to a central air conditioning system, contact the professionals at Engineered Air today to learn all of your options. Be sure to read more about everything HVAC here!

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