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When Is The Best Time To Have Your AC Unit Checked?

When Is The Best Time To Have Your AC Unit Checked?

Today may be the answer to this one if you haven’t checked your AC in the last year.  At Engineered Air we believe firmly in the annual maintenance and always ask clients to schedule a visit from one of our technicians. When is the best time though? When would you get the most from an AC unit check? Does it matter when you do get it done?

To answer these questions, and to help you fit an AC unit check into your schedule, we had a chat with our technicians. They see the benefits of having a regular check, and the downsides to letting things slide with the AC. Their answers may surprise a few readers, but if you use your AC a lot, and who doesn’t down here in South Florida, they will only benefit you. Checking your AC unit is vital to getting the best from it.

A vital part of the annual service is getting a technician to do the work. Only they will know what to check, what to replace and what boxes to tick. Our fully trained Engineered Air technicians have the experience and the expertise to keep your AC running as it should do.

Guidelines on the best time to have your AC unit checked would include:

  • Spring into action
  • Fall back on us
  • The benefits of the annual service

Let’s take a closer look at what our technicians think about having your AC unit checked.


Spring into action

Summer is a busy time for an AC company. It’s when everyone is on the phone with problems, when AC units break down with so much use, or from people not using them correctly. At Engineered Air our technicians are on the road a lot in the summertime, keeping our clients crisp, fresh and happy.

Tune-up, service, check-up whatever you call it, getting a technician to call in the spring makes sense. Our technicians give your unit a full look over and prepare it for the busy times on the way. Here in South Florida we run the AC all year round but on those hot, sticky days of summer, you will need 24/7. You do not want the AC to break down in the summer.

A spring service will identify problems before they become summer faults. It makes sense, and you know it too.


Fall back on us

The fall may suit some clients. They may have installed the unit after the summer months, and the annual maintenance agreement schedules a service for this time. Fall has its benefits when it comes to checking the AC. Problems from a hard summer of providing fresh air will become obvious, and fixing those is a priority.

In South Florida we need the AC during our warm winters. You may not run the unit as much as during the previous months, or at such low settings but still you want it to work. Our technicians will give the unit the same service as they would in the spring, and they will be looking for the same problems.

A fall check on your AC unit may uncover problems, which could get worse during the winter.


The benefit of an annual check to your AC unit

The significant benefit of the annual checkup is finding the small fault before it becomes a big one. Our technicians will do a full head to toe service, checking each and every part and replacing anything broken. An annual check reduces the chances of the unit breaking down before its time and keeps it running as it should do, always.

You may be surprised by how many clients are not running their AC correctly. A visit from a technician will spot a wrong setting, which may save you money during the hot season. Our technicians will advise you on how to run the AC, as well as fixing any faults.

The technicians will be super busy come the summer months. If they can make their summer workload that bit easier by doing more spring and fall check-ups, then so much the better. As a client you do not want the AC breaking down at midnight on a muggy July evening. Servicing the AC before it is too late makes perfect sense for you and for us.


Call us


If you neglect your AC unit, it will stop working. It could happen sooner rather than later and when you least expect it. If you are not in the habit of getting a service then start today. Your AC unit needs looking after, and a regular checkup should be part of your plan.

Call us at Engineered Air to arrange a service checkup.

We cannot stress enough the benefits of an annual check to your AC unit. A trained technician prefers to find a problem before it becomes a big fault. At Engineered Air we like to see our South Florida clients at least once a year.

Schedule your annual maintenance today.






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