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6 Tips For Saving Money With Your New AC System

6 Tips For Saving Money With Your New AC System

We run our AC systems a lot in South Florida; with average high temperatures in the 80s we need all that cool air. Not that we’re against the heat; as one of our clients said recently: ‘I love the heat, as long as it stays outside.’

If you just got a new AC unit, then congratulations and we hope you’re enjoying the relaxed, comfortable climate you now have indoors. Running your air conditioning shouldn’t put a hole in your pocket, however. With this in mind we’ve come up with a few tips for saving you money with your new AC system.

Our list of tips includes:

  • Use the ceiling fans
  • Keep those air vents clean
  • Run the AC at a lower temperature at night
  • Replace the air filters monthly
  • Invest in a programmable thermostat
  • Service the AC unit annually

Let’s take a closer look at each tip.

Use the ceiling fans

Some people think that with an HVAC system there is no need for the ceiling fans. We believe they can work well in conjunction with the new AC system.

Hot air rises. It will gather under the ceilings and on the upper floors of your home. A ceiling or standing fan will help with circulation, stop the air gathering and force it out the air vents.

You will need to run the AC less and maybe at a lower setting, as it won’t be fighting the clouds of hot air in the ceiling.

Keep those air vents clean

Air vents not there for decoration.

Our homes are full of dust and debris, which gathers in the hot, humid air as it rises. While the hot air flows through the vents the dirt will catch in the grill, eventually clogging up the unit. Book one of our technicians to clean the vents regularly.

When the air flows smoothly in and out of the air vents your AC system will run a lot more efficiently.

Run the AC at a lower temperature at night

Temperatures drop at night.

You will not need to run the AC at the same level as during the day. By adjusting the AC you may be a lot more comfortable, when sitting down to your favorite shows on the TV.

Your AC system should have a Night Mode button, or it may be in the settings panel. Running the AC at the correct temperature settings will save you money.

Replace the air filters monthly

With our hot, humid climate in South Florida, we need to run the AC system a lot.

During its lifetime your unit will see a lot of action, and you will feel the benefits too. When it is running, the air filters do a crucial job of keeping dirt and dust from entering the unit. You want the cleanest of air running into your home, and the air filters do this job for you.

The AC system needs clean air to be efficient. Dirty air clogs it up and leads to a lot of problems.

Replacing the air filter every month is good practice and will repay you in a better running system and less long-term damage.

Invest in a programmable thermostat

Older thermostats are limited in what they do. At best they will control the output of the system, giving you air at a constant temperature.

Invest a bit of money in a programmable thermostat. This will allow you to run the system just before you come home and not have it running when you are at work. It will also let you set the AC to run in particular rooms and even have the temperature at a certain setting in individual ones.

You can set the thermostat off your smartphone, giving you even more control over when it runs and saving you money too.

Service the AC unit annually

Just because you have a shiny new system does not mean it will not need a service this time next year.

One of our technicians will know what to do and what to look for when servicing a new AC system. They will also advise on running the AC efficiently.

Ask our technicians when they are servicing the unit how you can improve its use and save money.

Give us a call

In our hot and humid South Florida climate the AC system is an essential part of our lives. By running it efficiently not only will you feel the benefit of cool air but you’ll see it in your pocket too.

We love to talk about air conditioning and help our clients.

Call us today with all of your AC queries.

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