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4 Facts You Need To Know About Your Air Filter

4 Facts You Need to Know About Your Air Filter

The air filter is one of the most important components of your air conditioning system, yet many homeowners know little about them. However, with a little air filter knowledge, you can ensure you’re using your AC to your best advantage. Here are four facts to know about air filters.

A Dirty Air Filter is the #1 Cause of AC System Failure

Yep, you read that right. Forgetting to change your air filter or succumbing to laziness and putting it off can cost you big — think having to replace your entire air conditioning system. When the air filter is dirty, airflow is restricted, which places additional strain on the air handler fan motor and can cause it to burn out, or lead to system overheating and ultimately, failure. Replacing your filter is quick, easy and inexpensive and is an investment for both your AC and your home.

Air Filters Come in a Variety of Sizes and Types

Air filters aren’t one size fits all. In fact, air filters come in numerous sizes and types. While most homes will be able to use a standard air filter (which typically come in 1-, 2-, 4- and 6-inch widths), some air conditioners will need harder to find or even custom air filters. Aside from size differences, there are different types of air filters, too. Ultimately, you should use air filters that offer the highest level of efficiency without posing damage to your air conditioning system.

MERV Ratings Represent How Well an Air Filter Captures and Holds Dirt

MERV (also known as Minimum Efficiency Rating Value) is the industry standard rating system that makes it easier for homeowners to compare air filters. The ratings range from lowest efficiency (1), to highest efficiency (16) and ultimately represent how effective the air filter is at capturing dust and holding on to it.

The Highest-Rated Filter Might be Bad for Your AC

It’s logical to assume that the highest-rated air filter is your best option — but the highest-rated air filter could actually be bad for your AC, because it may restrict airflow. Not all air filters are made for every AC system, so you should choose an air filter that corresponds to the specific requirement of your air conditioning system.

Get the Most out of Your AC With Engineered Air

At Engineered Air, we want you to get the most out of your air conditioning system. This is why we want every homeowner to have a little air filter knowledge. If you’d like more information on air filters, check out Air Conditioning Filters 101 or contact us today at (855) 830-2292.

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