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3 Questions You Should Always Ask Your HVAC Technician

3 Questions You Should Always Ask Your HVAC Technician

Hiring an HVAC company to perform a service in your home is not a task to do be done blindly – especially if you’ve never worked with the company before. We trust professional technicians to perform honest and fair work; however, this doesn’t always happen. Unfortunately, some companies are more interested in the money they can scam their customers out of, than their customers’ actual well-being. By asking these three questions every time you hire a new contractor, you can avoid a troubling, and perhaps costly, situation.

1. Can you explain to me what is wrong with my AC and why it needs repair?

If you have an AC technician look at your equipment to diagnose an issue and perform a repair, make sure they walk you through the process. Ask exactly what is causing the problem and how they plan to repair it. A good AC technician will be able to walk you through it step by step and explain things in a way that you understand. Here are some things to look out for when hiring an HVAC contractor:

– You expect to need only a minor repair or service, but the technician comes back with a number of other costly issues that need to be solved.

– When explaining the problem to you, the technician is using confusing language and technician jargon.

– The technician mentions something that simply doesn’t make sense. This could be something like saying the refrigerant level needs to be replenished; yet there is no refrigerant leak (your system does not consume refrigerant so it will only diminish when a leak is present).

2. Can you provide references from previous customers?

You wouldn’t hire a new employee for your company or a babysitter to watch your children without first checking their references, would you? Think of hiring an HVAC technician as hiring and employee for the business that is your home. Most companies will be willing to provide references from previous customers, who will offer reliable reviews of their work.

3. How do your warranties and guarantees work?

Whether you’re purchasing an entirely new system or just a new part, you’ll want to know about the warranties and guarantees a company offers. With some companies, you’ll have to go through the product manufacturer to use a warranty. Others will guarantee the product themselves. Ask how long the warranty lasts and what the terms of it are. Many companies will also offer a guarantee on their technicians’ work. Before hiring an HVAC company, make sure you are well versed on how each of these processes work. Having a piece of equipment replaced only for it to fail a few months later – and not be replaced for free – would be an extremely frustrating situation.

The HVAC Company You Can Trust!

At Engineered Air, our technicians are NATE certified, meaning they have received the highest level of training within the industry and can be trusted to perform an honest, fair and reliable job. Have questions for us before scheduling an appointment? Just give us a call at 855-830-2292 and one of our friendly representatives will be happy to get you all the information you need!


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